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Project Overview

My PhD thesis addressed the problem of how to design Interactive Learning Environments (ILEs) that could be more adapted and adaptable to teachers' needs.

My approach was to propose a participatory design process that involved teachers at every step of the production cycle. This process was made possible by incremental prototyping and by redefining teachers' role in a multi-disciplinary development team and their integration as actors in the process. I also proposed a framework for extracting teachers' implicit knowledge about the teaching domain . Presented as forms that teachers used to describe pedagogical activities around the software, their purpose was also to support the negotiation between software engineers and teachers about the implementation of the teaching domain (i.e. pedagogical content but also interface and human-computer interaction issues).

This work was applied to the design of Calques 3D, a three-dimensional Dynamic Geometry microworld .

Selected Publications

  • Roanes-Lozano, E., Van Labeke, N., and Roanes-Macías, E. (2010). Connecting the 3D DGS Calques3D with the CAS Maple. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 80(6), pp. 1153-1176. [PDF] [DOI]
  • Van Labeke, N. (2001). Multiple External Representations in Dynamic Geometry: a Domain-Informed Design. In Proceedings of the Workshop on External Representations in AIED: Multiple Forms and Multiple Roles (ERAIED @ AIED'01 - San Antonio, TX). [PDF]
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  • Van Labeke, N. (1999). Développement d'un logiciel pour l'enseignement de la géométrie spatiale en partenariat Université/Second degré: démarche et présentation de Calques 3D. In Actes du Plan National de Formation "Developpement de l'utilisation des technologies d'information et de communication dans la mise en oeuvre des nouveaux programmes de mathematiques du college" (PFN'99 - Nancy, France). [PDF]
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