Who I am & What I do

My research interests lies in the design and the evaluation of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) environments. Over the last couple of years, I have conducted several research projects in various areas: Participatory Design, 3D Dynamic Geometry, (Open) Learner Modelling, Multi-Representations Learning Environments, Life-long Learning, and Auditory Perceptual Learning. I have been working in inter-disciplinary contexts, tackling some of the key questions and problems of learning technologies from a predominantly computer science perspective. Two threads characterise my research agenda: 1) the role, usage and impact of external representations in learning and, 2) transforming learning experiences into transferable knowledge.

Recent Project

  • Supportive Automated Feedback for Short Essay Answers

    The SAFeSEA project was an EPSRC-funded collaboration between The Open University and Oxford University, investigating how extractive summarisation techniques could be used to analyse students' essays and generate [...]

Recent Publications

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    Nicolas Van Labeke