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Who I am & What I do

My research interests lies in the design and the evaluation of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) environments.
Over the last couple of years, I have conducted several research projects in various areas: Participatory Design, 3D Dynamic Geometry, (Open) Learner Modelling, Multi-Representations Learning Environments, Life-long Learning, and Auditory Perceptual Learning.
I have been working in inter-disciplinary contexts, tackling some of the key questions and problems of learning technologies from a predominantly computer science perspective.
Two threads characterise my research agenda: 1) the role, usage and impact of external representations in learning and, 2) transforming learning experiences into transferable knowledge.

Recent Project

  • myPAL - Learning Analytics for personalised feedback

    The Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME) within the School of Medicine have seen a growing use of Technology Enhanced Learning for the last 5 years, with over 3000 students using mobile devices as part of their undergraduate medical education. The project aimed at exploiting this achievement further by delivering personalised feedback on learning and assessment to live cohorts, as well as supporting building capacity in TEL across the Faculty. [...]

Other Projects

Selected Publications

  • Van Labeke, N., Kirby, J., and Roberts, T. (2016). Personalised and Adaptive Mentoring in Medical Education – the myPAL project. In Proceedings of First International Workshop on Intelligent Mentoring Systems (IMS 2016) (IMS @ ITS'16 - Zagreb, Croatia). pp. 1-7. [PDF] [DOI]
  • Dimitrova, V., Poulovassilis, A., Van Labeke, N., Treasure-Jones, T., Zukas, M., and Brna, P. (2016). Intelligent Mentoring Systems for Making Meaning from Work Experience. In Proceedings of First International Workshop on Intelligent Mentoring Systems (IMS 2016) (IMS @ ITS'16 - Zagreb ,Croatia). [PDF]
  • Van Labeke, N. (2015). Backpack – Person Centred Health, Care and Wellbeing. Research Proposal, 15-YH-0358. [PDF] [DOI]
  • Hoare, D. J., Van Labeke, N., McCormack, A., Sereda, M., Smith, S., Taher, H. A., et al. (2014). Gameplay as a Source of Intrinsic Motivation in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Auditory Training for Tinnitus. PLoS ONE 9(9), pp. e107430. [PDF] [DOI]