Project Overview

The JISC-funded MyPlan project has targeted the independent lifelong learner by creating a web-based system that allows users to record and share their learning pathways, i.e. the record of every educational and personal life episodes that are seen as having an impact on their development.

My responsibility in the second phase of the project was to develop functionalities for the personalised creation, searching and recommendations of learning pathways through courses and modules in Further and Higher Education. It involved the adaptation of techniques for user profiling and similarity matching of user pathways, specifically the use of string metrics.

I was responsible for designing and running evaluations of the system (both usability and formative evaluation) as well as making recommendations for the definition of metadata specific to this particular context. A significant part of the project was dedicated to the redesign of the web-based user interface, in particular to support the visualisation of the pathways (using a timeline approach), their manipulation and comparison with those of other participants.

Selected Publications